Welcome to

Family Support Network

(Newmarket/Aurora & York Region)

Supporting Families with Children and Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Family Support Network (Newmarket/Aurora & York Region) is a family support group that provides mentorship and information to families of children and adults with developmental differences.

New members can request to join our Facebook page for regularly updated and shared news and information on developmental services in Ontario and from other family networks.

An email newsletter is sent if you have provided an email address, quarterly or when needed. You will receive up-to-date news from other family network organizations, MCSS and Passport information, details for upcoming meetings and conferences, and helpful online information providing ideas on how a person can spend their direct funding.

FSN meetings are held several times a year in local community halls or cafes, and since 2020 with the pandemic, by Zoom. Topics such as school support (IPRC, IEP), inclusion, transitioning from school, funding, housing, employment, legal issues, networks and circles of support, supported decision making and more are covered.