Family Support Network Meeting on June 22, 2023, 6:30pm-8:15pm


You have been thinking about the future of your adult with disability- will they have a good life, will they have friends and support when you are not around? Put your worries aside! If you are ready to begin planning for this then come to a small gathering of families who are working on building their circles.

Family Support Network in partnership with I Can Decide invites you to an in-person session to help you think, plan and find out how to take the next steps to accomplish this. What better time to start than now!

Short presentation by Niki Stevenson of I Can Decide/Facilitation Leadership Group & Sarah Harder of I Can Decide will discuss Support Circles & future planning.

Date: June 22, 2023         Time: 6:30pm -  8:15 pm

LOCATION: Newmarket Public Library, 438 Park Ave, 2nd floor, conference room. 

(parking next to the library & on East side of Main St)

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Family Support Network Holiday Season Celebration on December 8, 2022,  6:30pm-8:30pm

Come join our local families, mingle, and get to know each other, or see those you have not seen for a while! Catch up on each other’s lives, share stories, meet new friends and enjoy the company of others who welcome you and your family members in a supportive environment. 

We would like to celebrate 15 years of Family Support Network.

10 years of Commons Coffee and Catering.

Will update you on what we are working on.

Light dinner and finger foods will be provided. We won’t say ‘no’ to any holiday treats or sweets, if you can and would like to share! Come out and have fun with the whole family.  We look forward to seeing you all.

Please RSVP your attendance  here.

Date:  Thursday, December 8, 2022    Time:  6:30pm - 8:30pm

Location:  Multipurpose Room, Newmarket Public Library, 438 Park Avenue, Newmarket, ON

Parking available next to the library or behind Main Street,  East side of Main Street

Family Support Network Zoom Meeting on October 25, 2022  7pm

Two families with years of experience with Circles of Support for their adults share their experiences.  Hear these families and find out how their circle is supporting their family member as well as their family.  Although everyone’s circle may be different, the stories are motivating and will give you a good idea of who can be invited to join the circle and how they function. Question and answer and discussion will follow.  This session will help those who are ready to start their circle, as well as those who need real life examples to see the benefits of having a circle. 

Virtual meeting by Zoom.  The Zoom link will be sent out on Monday, October 24th. 

Date:  Tuesday, October 25, 2022    Time:  7pm - 8:30pm


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Family Support Network Zoom Meeting on October 5, 2022 , 7pm

 Are You Ready To Start Building Your Circle of Support?


Family Support Network - Newmarket/Aurora/York region, will hold a series of sessions with invited speakers and organizations who have built Support Circles, families who have Support Circles or Networks of Support sharing their experience, followed by small family group discussions and hands-on support, so those of you who do not want to postpone building a support circle for your family member can seriously engage in taking the steps necessary to do this.  So let’s not postpone any longer and get to work!


Our first speaker will be Rebecca Pauls from PLAN BC (Plan Lifetime Advocacy Network) - Rebecca will discuss how PLAN was started by families and what is involved in building a Personal Support Network.


Virtual meeting by Zoom

Wednesday, October 5, 2022 at 7pm


Family group discussion - Wednesday October 19, 2022 at 7pm - Will confirm virtual or in person in October.


More details will follow soon about the rest of the series.

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Family Support Network Zoom Meetings on April 6 to May 11, 2022, 7pm-8:30pm

I Can Decide & Family Support Network have partnered with Cheryl Fuller to offer another Let’s Talk Relationships & Sexuality free Zoom sessions 

Dates:   Wednesdays, April 6 to May 11, 2022      Time: 7pm - 8:30pm    

Please register to receive the Zoom link. See details in the attached flyer

Family Support Network Zoom Meeting on April 7 & 14, 2022, 7pm-8:30pm

Support Circles and Networks? Are they for your family member?

Circles of Support and Personal Networks of Support are in the minds of many families and individuals. Who will be there to help keep an eye on our family member and stay involved in their well being, when parents are gone? This is a difficult topic and stressful to imagine: one that may keep us up at night.

Especially with the way the developmental service sector is set up to respond to families and their loved ones on a crisis-only basis - then to be left on a waitlist for group homes which gets longer and longer.  Circles have been a way for our loved ones to know there are people around them who care about them and when the circle is established and sustained, we as families may have some peace of mind.

Family Support Network - Newmarket/Aurora is hosting Niki Stevenson, of Facilitation Leadership Group, to offer 2 sessions on this topic.

In session one,  Niki will provide practical information related to creating, hosting, and maintaining a support circle, providing tips on inviting members, building connections and holding gatherings.

Date: Thursday, April 7, 2022      Time: 7pm - 8:30pm

In session two,  Niki will discuss the maintenance and sustainability of support circles as they evolve over time, changing needs, and staying engaged.  

Date: Thursday, April 14, 2022      Time: 7pm - 8:30pm

Please register here to receive the Zoom link the day before the meeting. For more information please contact:


Family Support Network Zoom Meeting on March 9, 2022, 7pm-8:30pm


Building independence for your family member during the pandemic!


Two years of lockdowns and the pandemic has taken a huge toll on our loved ones and us!  Hopefully the “normal” is around the corner!

But meanwhile how can the person continue to learn and practice independence? Parents will not be around forever! The more prepared the person is for his/her independence the better, no matter where they live.

What are the possibilities and opportunities after graduation from high school?


A number of families will be sharing different alternatives their family member has chosen, related to the person’s interests. Find out about their experience and different possibilities from the traditional support. We will discuss online classes, college programs, summer job possibilities, on the job training for employment, starting your own business or sharing it with other people, use of technology devices by the individual and more.


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